Monday 21 November 2016


I am writing this posts because I met a lot of people (Parents, Students, Martial artist, Non Martial artist) in my Martial arts journey who do not know about this difference. And I think this is the basic difference everyone should know especially students who wants to learn and parents who wants to make their child learn or who wants to talk about Martial arts.

First of all sorry to those who knows that this posts headline is wrong. My all intention was to drag those people here who do not know, so that I can explain the difference between Martial arts and Karate/Taekwondo/Muay Thai/Kalaripayattu.

Now those who do not know why I said sorry for the posts name, would like to tell you that there is no difference between Martial arts and Karate/ Taekwondo/ Muay Thai/ Kalaripayattu.

I usually explain this to people by an example. Example is...

God is a common name that people of all religion knows. So if you ask me, Do you believe in God. I say yes. Then you say, which God do you believe..!!! Then I answer Shiva or Krishna or Jesus or Allah etc etc.

Another example can be:
Dance. You ask to someone do you know Dance? He/she says yes. Then you ask which particular style do you know. He/she answers: Bboying/ Break Dance/ Kathakkali/ Bharatnatyam/ Bhangra etc etc.

(On a lighter note: If you ask me about Dance. I will say I know Desi Shaadi Dance. Hehehe..)

Same applies with Martial arts. Martial arts is just a common name for any art style like Karate or Taekwondo or Muay Thai or Kalaripayattu etc. There are lot of Martial arts styles being practiced in this world. I will try to cover those names in different page.

So next time whenever you meet any Martial artist. You question them like this.

Are you a Martial artist? He/she says yes. Then you ask Which Martial arts style do you practice. Then you will get the correct answer. My answer will be I practice Kalaripayattu and Muay Thai. I had practiced Kung Fu (combat) for 5 years and I know a bit of Sanshou too. I also practice PIMS system (My mix martial arts system) in which I have mixed all the arts I know.

Thanks for reading....


Ranjit Mishra
Martial Warriors Academy

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