Tuesday 2 May 2017


This question I have heard from many people. They fear

"Will they be able to do Martial arts after certain age???"

Funny thing for me is, this question is raised even by people in 20's and 30's of their age. But I can understand their question as many people do not  know what all things martial arts offer them.

First of all let me explain the parts of any Martial arts.

Physical Martial arts part:

1. Strength.
2. Flexibility
3. Endurance
4. Stamina
3. Punches
4. Kicks
5. Knee
6. Elbow
7. Throws
8. Locks

Internal Martial arts parts

1. Simple breathing exercises
2. Breathing exercises combined with easiest to toughest complex physical postures.

Mental Martial arts parts

1. Physical Exercises
2. Meditation

Spiritual Martial arts parts

1. Spiritual martial arts through Physical, Internal and Mental practice of Martial arts.

Now i will ask a question. Out of above what do you think is not possible for people of old age..!!! See below and find it.

There are countless exercises for gaining strength from easiest to toughest which any old guy can do. For ex.: push ups or just push up position, push up on knees, crunches, abs hold, squat, duck walk. I have seen and made people of 45 years of age do this exercise.

There are lots of flexibility routines from simple to basic which any one can do. Like simple stretches including static and dynamic stretching. Best example of this will be Yoga where one can see people of all age groups practice to be fit and healthy. Same thing is available in Martial arts.

Endurance and stamina can be made easily with time. For example when you learn you can punch 10 times then slowly you can develop to thousand of punches in a day. This will increase any old man's / women's stamina. Same is applicable to kick, elbow, knee, Grappling etc. Thing is pace to learn is different for different age groups and even different within same age group. So what do you think, you cannot do it..???

Learning how to do a basic punch can take few weeks for anyone. Similarly low kicks may take little bit more time. Learning how to knee strike and Elbow strike can be learnt within few days. Then performing it for hundreds or thousand of times can make anyone fit and healthy in some way or the other. In addition to fitness one will be able to learn many self defense moves too. Just add few things more like grappling, locking to make it more diverse and interesting to learn.

One more thing, rotating or hitting with sticks can be done by all age groups. I have met one old man of 90 years of age in good healthy condition in a park with stick rotating. I was impressed with his healthy condition. He admitted that he is rotating stick from long time and feels healthy and living with help of that stick.

So stop thinking that Martial arts is just about flying in air and kicking high or breaking bricks and all. There are lot of things one can learn in any age group.

For me age group do not matters. It's all in the mind. What about you. Which of the above pictures seems impossible for you to do???


Note: None of the above pictures belongs to me and has been taken from  google images to make this posts more appealing.

Ranjit Mishra
Martial Warriors Academy
Email- ranjitmishramartialarts@gmail.com

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